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The Busy Bee level is designed for first graders. The curriculum has a
                 central theme that is organized around the four basic relationships in
                 a child's life: My God, My Self, My Family and My World. The Busy
                 Bees begin by focusing on the Adventurer Pledge and work in earning

The Sundbeam level is designed for second graders. It also carries a
                 curriculum similar to the central theme of the Busy Bees. Sunbeams
                 begin their focus on the Adventurer Law and it's meaning and they
                 also earn honors throughout the year.

The level for the Builders is designed for third graders. Their
                 curriculum begins on both the Adventurer Pledge and La with
                 primary focus on the explanation of the pledge with added
                 honors to earn. The central theme is also based on the four
                 basic relationships in a child's life.

Helping Hands is designed for fourth graders. Their curriculum focus
                 begins with the meaning of the Adventurer Law. The central theme
                 is very similar to the other levels of the Adventurer club. Helping
                 Hands is the last level before entering the Pathfinder club.