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(children aged 5 years)

The Eager Beaver program is designed for kindergarten aged children. The
program and its curriculum consists of te completion of a workbook and
earning of the Beaver Chips.

The Eager Beaver program works hand-in-hand with the Adventurer Club
although it differs in that it involves a parent-child partnership. 

Eager Beaver Pledge
Jesus loves me, and I want
to do my best for him.

Eager Beaver Song
Ooh, We are the Eager Beavers,
Eager Beavers for the Lord!
Help us sing our song;
Everybody come along;
Eager Beavers for the Lord!
We're on our way to heaven;
We hope you'll come aboard.
Yes, we are the Eager BEavers,
Eager Beavers for the Lord!