Prayer Shawl Ministry
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Prayer Shawl Ministry
Listen Bekki Daniel's talk about our Prayer Shawl Ministry

Our Vision:
For hearts and lives to be touched, healed and encouraged by recieving a knitted or crocheted prayer shawl or lap robe that has been made with loving hands and praying hearts. We want to provide an enjoyable, inspirational atmosphere for people to gather, minister, build relationships and be blessed while creating shawls that will bring love, comfort and peace to others in need.

What is a prayer shawl?
  • tangible evidence of prayer - a symbol of God's loving embrace
  • an extension of the caring compassion and prayer of the Richland Seventh-day Adventist Church
Who makes prayer shawls?
  • anyone who can knit, crochet, or has the desire to learn
Who receives prayer shawls?
  • those who are ill
  • those who mourn
  • veterans
  • infants & children
How can you help?
  • join in the fun and inspiration of creating these shawls and projects
  • supply yarn or funds to buy yarn
  • supply large and medium gift bags for presentation of shawls to recipients
  • visit those receiving shawls or projects and pray with them
  • be a willing participant (this ministry is not limited to women)
The possibilities are endless for this outreach!