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"Get Started"

Richland Health Challenge

The Challenge:
The theme of this quarter is “Get Started”.  Typically, we want a new beginning at the start of the new year.  We have all determined, at some point; to eat better, exercise more, or have a better spiritual life.  The objective this quarter is to encourage each one of us to begin a 10 week journey to a more balanced lifestyle.
It is great to have healthy eating habits but unless we are involved in some form of exercise routine, our bodies do not get the full benefit of the good food we are eating.  Likewise, if we are not getting the proper amount of sleep we are not getting the full benefit of our eating habits and exercise.  In addition to what has already been stated, we need to have plenty of water during the day to keep our muscles lubricated and our minds working to its full potential.  Stress is a killer and although exercise and good sleep are beneficial, a thankful heart and consistent spiritual focus has been scientifically proven to reduce the stress we encounter day by day.
It is our hope that by committing to 10 weeks with an accountability partner (or group) we will create new habits that will continue in becoming a part of our lifestyle. We all need encouragement in this endeavor.  Consider finding an accountability partner that is someone outside of your normal daily routine.  Surrounding yourself with others who are working toward similar goals will prove to be inspirational and motivational. 
The way the Richland Health Challenge works is you are given the opportunity to track your progression towards a healthier lifestyle.  For 10 weeks, beginning Jan. 6, you will track your progress in exercise, diet, sleep, water, and your spiritual focus.  Points are awarded for each category.  If you have the electronic copy of the spreadsheet, the points will automatically calculate for you, otherwise you can use the paper version and write out what you do on a daily basis.  This is a 10 week challenge with a banquet, on March 16 at 5:30 pm, for everyone who participated in it at the end of the challenge.  At the banquet, healthy food will be served, prizes will be given to those who reached a total of 490 points or greater (we are working on the honor system), and a good time will be had by all.  Plan on joining us for it and enjoy the Richland Health Challenge! 

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