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Friday November 13th @ 6:30 PM – In The Fullness of Time 
Examine the setting of the birth of Jesus and how He is the Savior for all people. Contrast the response of Mary and Zechariah to the Gabriel’s visit. Scripture Reading: Luke 1:34-38
Sabbath, November 14th @ 9:30 am – Stories Jesus Told
A fresh look at Luke’s 3 parables about lost things from the perspective of a first century middle –eastern peasant.
 Scripture Reading Luke 5:27-32
Sabbath, November 14th @ 11 am – Reclining at the Table and the Garden of the Oil Press
What was the last supper really like? You will find yourself seated at the table. How will you react? We will explore the rich spiritual meaning of Gethsemane which means oil press. Scripture Reading Luke 22:7-14
Sabbath, November 14th @ 4:30 Thursday – The True Passion of the Christ and His Resurrection
An intense look at the trials and crucifixion of Jesus. We will explore the true Via Dolorosa, or way of suffering, and Jesus true passion! And a look at how Jesus resurrection from the dead changes everything. We no longer have to be afraid of death. John 19:16-20