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Untamed...What if there is more?
What if the God of scripture is more than the stale, boring, picture depicted by some Christians? What if He is better than us; more gracious, more forgiving, more humorous, more adventurous? What if His heart breaks over war, slavery, abuse and injustice, even more deeply than ours? What if He is unspeakably powerful, capable, and passionate, yet tender and patient?  And what if He is willing to be villainized and misunderstood in order to preserve our freedom of choice? Come explore scripture's journey into the Untamed mystery of the God who is...more.
A New Series March 18-24, 2016
Every Evening at 7:00 pm!

FREE Childcare, Hot beverages, Relaxed & Relevant
Cafe style with Dave Ferguson, in the Richland, Church Community Hall

about guest speaker, Dave Ferguson!