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Connect Groups

Connect Groups is our way of connecting to each other and God, through study, activity, and fellowship. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join! Groups meet both on Saturday Mornings and throughout the week. To talk to someone about joining or leading a Connect Group, please call the church office: 509-946-8807 or email Ilke Arslan at ilke.arslan@gmail.com

For a detailed schedule of Connect Groups that meet throughout the week, please click the links below or visit our online calendar to view Connect Group meeting times & locations.

Check out the various weekday groups available:  
Saturday Morning Groups
Topic Location
Letters of John & Jude Sanctuary
"The Great Escape"  (Exodus) Room 1
Seventh-Day Advenstist Adult Studies Room 3
1st & 2nd Samuel & Psalms Room 4  (Library)
Philippians Pastor's Office
Spanish Class Pastor Fred's Office


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