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The Seventh-day AdventistChurch has created this online giving option that allows you to deposit your donations into the bank account of the Richland Adventist Church.  Our Treasury and Information Technology staff has enlisted the best security resources and are working with accredited electronic processors to ensure that this system is secure.


Adventist Giving will take you through the steps of setting up an online account.  To make a donation, go to the following link:


Online Giving - CLICK HERE


If you have questions about our local budget or how the tithe & offerings are used in our church, go to the following links:

Our Weekly Local Church Budget Report

Frequently Asked Questions concerning tithe & offerings

What is our tithe used for?

Tithe & Offering Explained...

Tithe is used to support the worldwide mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. All tithe donations are sent to the Upper Columbia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists to be distributed as outlined in the link to:
What is our tithe used for?

Offerings are distributed for use in the ministry which you determine.

Below are listed some of the ministries that giving to our Local Church Budget supports:
  • Community Outreach such as the "Friends of Jason Lee Elementary", health ministry, food & clothing, guest speakers, & more.
  • Student scholarships for Adventist education.
  • Children's ministries including Sabbath School, Adventurer & Eager Beaver clubs, and the Pathfinder club.
  • Worship ministries that support our weekly Sabbath worship hour as well as the various programs and events throughout the year (such as the Christmas Eve program).
  • Support of members' needs when crises arise.
  • Prayer ministry.
  • Pastor Fred's salary (Pastor Eric's salary is paid by Upper Columbia Conference through our donations to tithe.)
  • Building maintenance.
  • Church office supplies and the secretary's salary.