Sermon recordings from the Richland Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Richland, Washington.

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One Last GiftOne Last GiftPastor Fred, Dec 31, 2016
For The JoyFor The JoyNancy Manente, Dec 24, 2016
The Cross & The MangerThe Cross & The MangerPastor Sergio, Dec 10, 2016
The Dawn of CommunityThe Dawn of CommunityPastor Sergio, Dec 3, 2016
BaptismsBaptismsPastor Sergio, Nov 26, 2016
How to Win a Fight on FACEBOOKHow to Win a Fight on FACEBOOKPastor Terrance, Nov 19, 2016
The Upside Down Church: Leadership & AuthorityThe Upside Down Church: Leadership & AuthorityPastor Stan Patterson, Nov 5, 2016
The ResistanceThe ResistancePastor Sergio, Oct 29, 2016
My Happy PlaceMy Happy PlacePastor Sergio, Oct 22, 2016
Made For A MissionMade For A MissionPastor Terrance, Oct 8, 2016
Dead DucksDead DucksNancy Manente, Oct 1, 2016
The Immeasurable MomentThe Immeasurable MomentPastor Sergio, Sep 24, 2016
II'm SorryPastor Fred, Sep 17, 2016
BlindBlindPastor Sergio, Aug 27, 2016
Turkeys On The BeachTurkeys On The BeachPastor Terrance, Aug 20, 2016
Playing It SafePlaying It SafePastor Sergio, Aug 13, 2016
The KiteThe KitePastor Sergio, Aug 8, 2016
How to Make Christianity RealHow to Make Christianity RealPastor Fred, Aug 3, 2016
RestRestPastor Sergio, Jul 24, 2016
Coincidence?Coincidence?Pastor Sergio, Jul 16, 2016
Divine InterventionDivine InterventionPastor Terrance, Jul 9, 2016
This Is Not RightThis Is Not RightPastor Sergio, Jul 2, 2016
The Chicken or the EggThe Chicken or the EggIlke Arslan, Jun 25, 2016
Resurrecting Rubble, Part 3Resurrecting Rubble, Part 3Pastor Sergio, Jun 18, 2016
Resurrecting Rubble, Part 2Resurrecting Rubble, Part 2Pastor Sergio, Jun 11, 2016
Something Less Than AdvertisedSomething Less Than AdvertisedPastor Sergio, May 28, 2016
Little Big SplashLittle Big SplashPastor Terrance, May 21, 2016
Going Out On A LimbGoing Out On A LimbPastor Sergio, May 14, 2016
Roots and WingsRoots and WingsPastor Sergio, May 7, 2016
Where is God When You CanWhere is God When You Can't Find Him?Pastor Sergio, Apr 30, 2016
Fill This TempleFill This TemplePastor Terrance, Apr 23, 2016
Count on MeCount on MePastor Sergio, Apr 9, 2016
Crumbs from the MasterCrumbs from the Master's TablePastor Sergio, Apr 2, 2016
Untamed... What If There Is More? - AudaciousUntamed... What If There Is More? - AudaciousPastor Dave Ferguson, Mar 24, 2016
Untamed... What If There Is More? - EntrustingUntamed... What If There Is More? - EntrustingPastor Dave Ferguson, Mar 23, 2016
Untamed... What If There Is More? - IncensedUntamed... What If There Is More? - IncensedPastor Dave Ferguson, Mar 22, 2016
Untamed... What If There Is More? - HeartbrokenUntamed... What If There Is More? - HeartbrokenPastor Dave Ferguson, Mar 21, 2016
Untamed... What If There Is More? - ExpensiveUntamed... What If There Is More? - ExpensivePastor Dave Ferguson, Mar 20, 2016
Untamed... What If There Is More? - RivetingUntamed... What If There Is More? - RivetingPastor Dave Ferguson, Mar 19, 2016
Untamed... What If There Is More? - EntertainingUntamed... What If There Is More? - EntertainingPastor Dave Ferguson, Mar 19, 2016
Untamed... What If There Is More? - FoolishUntamed... What If There Is More? - FoolishPastor Dave Ferguson, Mar 18, 2016
Daniel: Shining StarsDaniel: Shining StarsPastor Sergio, Mar 12, 2016
Stories of FaithStories of FaithNancy Manente, Mar 5, 2016
Daniel: A Life UndismayedDaniel: A Life UndismayedFred Brunkhorst, Feb 27, 2016
Daniel: DanielDaniel: Daniel's Secret WeaponPastor Sergio, Feb 20, 2016
Daniel: Ruined AppetitesDaniel: Ruined AppetitesPastor Terrance, Feb 13, 2016
Daniel: From Gold to SilverDaniel: From Gold to SilverPastor Sergio, Feb 6, 2016
Daniel: When Dreams Come TrueDaniel: When Dreams Come TruePastor Sergio, Jan 16, 2016