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All Church Potluck!

July 6, 2024 at 12:30 PM
Recurs monthly on the first Saturday

All Church Potluck TODAY! Join us in the Community Hall, for an ALL CHURCH POTLUCK, TODAY, immediately following the service! Members bring a couple of your favorite dishes to share & plan to enjoy a meal with church family!. GUESTS are welcome to come enjoy a meal on us TODAY!

What should I bring?
SINGLES -- bring at least one food item from the list

FAMILIES of two or more --bring at least two food items from the list

What's on the list? Vegetarian Entrees Salads of any kind Breads, Rolls etc. Desserts (plates, cups, cutlery and water provided)

How many people should my items serve? Each food item should serve at least 4-6 people