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Weekly Local Church Budget

Richland Seventh-day Adventist Church

Weekly Financial Report 

Remember, support of the local church budget allows our ministries to function. This includes the areas of: Outreach & Evangelism, Discovery Ministry, Prayer Ministry, Worship, Children & Youth, Administration, Growth Groups, and Member Nurture.

The chart below shows the amount that comes in each week for our church budget along with projected and actual income year to date. The “Projected Budgeted Income” is based on the giving pattern over the past 3 years.

The "Building Fund" is separate money set aside for a list of specific projects that is prioritized by the Administration Team. As funding is available these specific projects can be completed, so keep giving to the building fund.

If you have any questions about church budget, the building fund projects, or any other church finance questions please feel free to contact me, Steve Bork, or Pastor Terrance.


Thank you for your faithful giving!

Weekly Amount Received Actual Income (YTD) Projected Income(YTD) Building Fund Balance Building Expansion Fund Raised
12/03/16 $6,015 $212,624 $199,283 $18,632 $591,052
12/10/16 $4,784 $217,408 $203,350 $17,066 $591,667
12/17/16 $4,555 $221,963 $207,417 $17,415 $592,017
12/24/16 $5,559 $227,522 $211,484 $18,015 $592,617
12/31/16 $40,446 $267,968 $215,551 $19,349 $593,951



Brenda Boone, Treasurer

Richland Seventh-day Adventist Church