It's safe to say that couples are present in most groups operating around the world today. Sometimes this involves a couples-only setting, but more often couples are mixed together with people from other life situations and stages. We try to put an emphasis on growing all groups of people whether you are single or have a partner.

To help you grow in your relationships, we have put together a plan to help you make time for one another, learn God’s design for your marriage, learn practical skills for building your marriage on purpose, and join other couples on the journey of building a healthy marriage. Our passion is to equip couples to live out five marriage essentials: honor, relational intimacy, spiritual intimacy, partnership, and message to others. These five essentials coincide with the five biblical purposes of the church, and they form the basis of our seminars and resources.

Below are a few of the current options we are offering to invest in our couples!


We are happy to offer more intentional small groups for couples that will provide more individual help and support as we grow together. In March, we’ll be launching an Art of Marriage 6 week small group  If you are interested to join, ask us about them today!


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