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Mapping The Course 2019

Why are we here? Where is God leading us as a church in the next few years? What is His dream for us as a church in the Richland community? Where is God prompting ME to serve next year as we work together towards Kingdom advancement? These are the questions that constantly occupy my mind as I contemplate God’s will for us as a Biblical community. I am convinced that whatever the answers are, we must do it together. As we approach these confusing and increasingly demanding times God will need all hands on deck! YOUR VOICE MATTERS!!! You are the hands, feet and voice that God wants to move through to impact our community. I’m inviting you to join us as we embark on what may be one of the most challenging, yet most adventurous years ahead.If you are part of the Richland church family either as a member or as a frequent visitor, please prayerfully consider joining us this Saturday afternoon immediately following our all church fellowship meal. Also prayerfully consider these questions:

How can God utilize my gifts in the Richland church in 2019-2020?
Where is God leading us as a church as we fulfill our overall mission to reach the unchurched in our community?

See you there!
“Until the Nets Are Full!"
Pastor Sergio Richland SDA Church