Join us ONLINE Saturdays at 11:00 for our sermon series on the book of Acts:  "UNSTOPPABLE - THE CHURCH UNLEASHED!"    Come Worship with Us at: Simulated Interactive Live Services found here. Scheduled Saturdays, 11a, 1p, 3p, 5p  https://myrichlandchurch.online.church/

"There is a lot of talk these days about life as we knew it before Covid-19 will never be the same; how this vicious virus is ushering in a “new normal.”

There was another time in history when the world was never the same again. A contagion was unleashed like no other, one that would heal not hurt! One that would rescue not destroy… The spreading news of a resurrected Savior. In the next few months we will journey together through the book of Acts, discovering how God began the movement known as his church. This series is about the acts of the risen Savior, lived through the witness of his disciples as they embraced the power of the Holy Spirit, in fulfillment of God’s purposes for the world. In the process of experiencing how the church began, how it flourished, and how it overcame fierce opposition, we will receive renewed inspiration to join God on his mission today. UNSTOPPABLE – THE CHURCH UNLEASHED!!!"