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Virtual Sabbath School & Bible Study Groups

SATURDAY MORNINGS - Join us Saturday mornings  for virtual Sabbth School in your JAMMIES!   You are invited to join us each Sabbath morning for a live, laid back, interactive Sabbath School Bible Study Class via ZOOM. Everyone can participate! "Come as you are!"  Feel free to keep it casual and attend in your jammies, or even eat breakfast while we study together. No need to dress up! And if you're shy, it's okay to leave your video off and just join the discussion. We want everyone to be there!

WEDNESDAYS EVENINGS - We also offer several Wednesday evening Study and Prayer Groups for those who wish to connect mid-week. 

Check out available Classes and Bible Study groups Days & Times below. Find one that interests you and join! Classes/Studies are open to everyone. 

Richland Online ZOOM Class
Join us Saturday mornings
 at 9:45 am for a Sabbath School Class with Pastor Sergio and friends! Everyone can participate! 
This Week | MOSES Continued
(Ruth Harms Teaching) Exodus 14, 15, 16
Exodus 14:13,14 – What counsel did Moses give Israel when they were facing a real danger? When have you found this counsel to be just what you needed for your crisis or challenge?  Or isn’t it applicable in our lives?

Exodus 16 – In the first 30 days after leaving Egypt, the Israelites faced a water and food crisis.  How did God solve the problems, and why did He wait until they were desperate before stepping in?  After all, they had done nothing wrong and had no way to solve their problem.  Does this story discourage you or encourage you? Why?

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 879 428 2476
Password:  180720


Quarterly Class | Isaiah
Saturday Mornings at 9:30 am
ONLINE QUARTERLY | Weekly Lessons - https://absg.adventist.org/current-quarter

Join on ZOOM
Meeting ID: 
Password:  208458

Judy Webb and friends lead out with an expanded version of the lesson.
Very interactive class with lots of lively discussion! Everyone is welcome!


Wednesday Bible Study Class 
"John: The Gospel of Wisdom"
Wednesdays at 7:00 pm

Join ZOOM Meeting

Meeting ID: 821 4413 8378

Questions  and to receive the study material and class information, please contact Len Harms at lenharms@charter.net or Ruth Harms at raharms@charter.net  

Wednesday Prayer Group 
Bring prayer requests & a favorite Bible verse to share.
Wednesdays at 6:00 pm

Join on ZOOM
Meeting ID: 
Password:  089689

Judy Webb leads this interactive Prayer Group.
Everyone is welcome to join!